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Life Is Better On The Farm!

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Life is BETTER on the Farm!

Casa Cattle Meat Shares

Community Supported Agriculture

What is it?

A monthly selection (a.k.a. “Share”) of all natural, locally grown meats straight from the farm to your table!

What will I get in a typical share?

There are several different options varying in size and meat selection. All meat will be frozen. See attached sheet.

When do I get my share?

Our summer/fall share is 6 months of a once-a-month pick up. Our first pick-up is May 19 and our last will be October 19. If you cannot make it to our store on pick up dates we can set up delivery dates in your area (please give enough notice). Delivery areas in Falmouth, Scarborough and other areas with centrally located customers is also available.

How can I pay for a share?

Share costs can be paid monthly via cash, check, debit/credit cards.

A summer/fall CSA share is probably a good fit for you if...

You enjoy quality all-natural meat.

You like a variety of meat options for making incredible meals in the kitchen or on the grill.

You care about where your food comes from, want to support local and enjoy peace of mind that your food is safe and NOT from a factory farm!

Benefits of Meat CSA shares:


No need for a separate freezer.

Fit in conventional fridge/freezer.

Budget Friendly

Plan on a set dollar amount each month.

No need to shop sales at different stores.


Meat ready to be thawed and cooked for a delicious meal.

What comes with a CSA Meat Share?

Delicious meats from May-October

Variety of cuts of beef, pork, lamb and chicken

Connection with the farm - supporting local!

Recipes, first access to events, welcomed visits to the farm.


Share Options


*SWAP OUT FEE $10/month – this eliminates 1 type of meat (lamb or pork) and replaces it with beef or chicken.